Hay & Grain Trading

At Canowindra Produce we can take the hassle out of sourcing bulk requirement for Hay and Grain. We can guarantee the quality you are looking for whether it's a feed test for hay or specific requirements for grain. All grain is moisture, protein and weight tested on site as well as screened and checked for insects. This is so we can ensure that only good quality produce is accepted and meets GTA standards.



Chaff cutting has been the mainstay of our business. Originating from making chaff on individual farms for the consumption of their draught horses to now fulfilling market demands for the equine industry of Australia and Overseas. All Chaff is steam cut and dust extracted to eliminate the risk of mould spores and dust mites, This special process also minimises leaf shatter which increases the nutritional value of our Chaff range.

Types of chaff available are as follows.

  + Lucerne (Alfalfa)
  + Oaten
  + Wheaten
  + Pony Mix (Lucerne/Oaten)


Compressing Hay for export

Canowindra Produce has a long history in exporting compressed bales for overseas markets and has been exporting hay since 1985 to Asia and the Middle East. We sell hay on a feed test basis and due to the specific requirements of our customers we will sell to your standards.


Grain Services



All grain at Canowindra Produce is produced locally, before we can bag the product it goes through a rigorous grate test to reduce the heavy dust and screenings then packed into 40kg bags, this is to ensure you are getting the highest quality.

The types of grain we supply for bagging are:-
Oats, Wheat & Barley - 40kg Standard.


We can store a variety of grain at any of our silos based at :-
Canowindra / Gooloogong / Titchbourne / Forbes / Eugowra / Nanami

Bulk Exporting

We export a range of products including containerised wheat and other types of grain. The special process in which we fill these containers means more produce can be stored making it a cost-effective way to export large quantities over-seas.



We strive to help farmers with professional advice and service throughout Canowindra and its surrounding districts. Our on-site agronomist can cover a wide range of topics including broad acre, horticulture and pasture crops and can assist you in areas such as:-


  + Farm & Paddock Inspections + Crop variety selection
  + Crop monitoring + Crop rotation and planning
  + Weed, disease and insect identifications + Forage and feed analysis
  + Soil and plant tissue testing + Plant nutrition
  + Fertiliser recommendations  


Grain Roasting

Grain Roasting also known as micronisation is a process which roasts the starch in the grain. It has many benefits over conventional means such as improved digestion, improved performance and is a cost effective way to feed large numbers of stock.



*NOTE: One free sample per person/company unless special arrangments have been made. Excludes Shipping Cost.

Our Services


Suppliers & Exporters To:

  + Retail Outlets
  + Racing Communities
  + Pony Clubs
  + International Markets


Request a sample.

At Canowindra Produce we believe that our products are of the highest quality, Infact we are so confident, you can request a FREE* sample from any of our range to ensure you are truly getting the best that CPC has to offer.



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